AboutCore Values

Values Statement

The twelve values and declarations outlined below are important to us, as they guide our behaviour and decision making processes.

They are our ‘symbolic compass’, providing us with a clear sense of direction and purpose.

They also provide us (and others) with guidelines for alignment in our relationships with our clients and associates.


Truthfulness, Honesty, Contribution and Respect

We speak our truth as we experience it. We are true to ourselves, our experience, feelings and principles we believe in. We trust and respect ourselves and others.

We are responsible, trustworthy and behave with integrity. That is, we behave in alignment and congruence with the values we espouse.

Shadow aspects to these values are: deceit, illusion and apathy.


Courage and Fearlessness

We are not afraid of naming our truth and being forthright. We practice the power of true listening and provide honest, direct and candid feedback to our clients, as we are committed to their (and our own) personal and professional growth and development.

Shadow aspects to these values are: fear, cowardice and stagnation.


Mindfulness and Presence

We aspire to be calm, alert and present in the moment in all our deeds. We strive to work with awareness, poise and balance. We behave with clarity of purpose and intent.

Our work has body and soul (spirit). We provide value at a personal level. We are approachable, compassionate, friendly and understanding.

Shadow aspects to these values are: absent-mindedness, blindness, ignorance and confusion.


Creativity and Innovation

We are committed to renewal by continuously eliciting novel and practical ideas to implement new and exciting possibilities. We are disciplined in our approach to challenging old, negative and unwanted thought patterns and habits. We are proactive in confronting the shadow aspects of human nature and our work.

Shadow aspects to these values are: behaving automatically out of unwanted, negative, old habits; having an attitude of resignation and conforming to the ‘status quo’.


Competence and Pragmatism

We provide efficient, effective, professional, quality service. We are realistic, down-to-earth, trustworthy, competent and reliable.

We offer practical options to empower our clients to take confident actions producing tangible results to better their personal and working lives.

Shadow aspects to these values are: incompetence, sorrow and regret.