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Imagine what it would be like if all the leaders across your organisation were going to significantly elevate their leadership impact…

Imagine what it would be like if your leaders were going to boost employee engagement, morale and loyalty; reduce turnover; generate greater levels of employee satisfaction, commitment, discretionary effort and innovation; seriously impact productivity and truly add to the bottom line…


Using state-of-the-art methodologies and cutting-edge contemporary leadership development best practice, and while assisting your leaders to work on their current real-time business challenges, we assist your organisation to build both the individual and collective leadership capability required to:

  • Deliver unprecedented business results today.
  • Create your organisation’s sustainable future for tomorrow.

Business Benfits

More specifically, we can successfully assist your leaders to:

  • Set a clear and compelling vision, direction and purpose.
  • Successfully formulate and execute strategy.
  • Translate this vision and strategy into relevant plans and behaviours at the various organisational levels.
  • Align, motivate and engage your people to achieve coordinated, collective action.
  • Deliver outstanding business results.
  • Acquire the global mindset, leadership perspective, creative thinking, strategic vision and thinking required to shape and move powerfully into the future.


Type of leaders we work with

We work with those individuals who are strategically important for the success of your organisation at various organisational levels. This may include:

1. Seasoned or established leaders (senior executives/managers)

We assist senior leaders to create vision, set and enable strategy, inspire and drive change, build strategic alliances, challenge ‘business as usual’, and drive breakthrough results to establish new standards of performance. This requires their commitment to extraordinary outcomes and to develop, not only higher capabilities but, most importantly, new ways of being and leading.

2. Emerging leaders (middle managers, individual experts or contributors)

We transition successful technical experts or individual contributors (functional managers, often with new P&L responsibilities) to being leaders of people and teams. We do this by building their strategic thinking and equipping them with new leadership perspectives and capabilities.

3. High potential or aspiring leaders (your next generation of leaders)

We accelerate the transition of high-potential leaders/managers. We can help you identify your pool of future organisational leaders and accelerate their development to create powerful leaders. We assist these individuals to lead themselves by increasing their self-awareness and understanding, personal effectiveness and performance.

Benefits and expected outcomes of engaging our services

As a result of engaging our services your leaders will be able to:

  • Execute strategy at their best.
  • Champion and drive change and innovation successfully.
  • Confront issues and resolve problems that previously seemed immovable or impossible, by shifting their mind-sets and generating new ways of thinking, doing and being.
  • Embed your organisation’s values and behaviour across the business.
  • Manage conflict more successfully, confidently resolve problems and overcome the inevitable and unexpected obstacles that will emerge on the way to success.
  • Generate high levels of loyalty, engagement, collaboration and discretion from their teams.
  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement, high performance and innovation across the organisation.
  • Deliver unprecedented levels of productivity and business results.
  • Provide competitive advantage and sustain business success for your organisation. 

Approach and methodology

Our approach is transformational in nature. We go beyond using traditional management education approaches, such as providing knowledge or information, conducting skills or competency development. Our approach enables individuals to transcend historical perspectives and create a new view of what is possible. It also enables individuals to be able to confront and resolve issues, and achieve goals and targets that previously seemed immovable, intractable or impossible.

We customise and integrate our approach to your unique context and needs, which may include using a combination of any of the following methods:

  • Evidence-based quantitative assessment (e.g. psychometric tools, personality profiling, 360 degree feedback and competency assessment).
  • Qualitative assessment (in-depth interviews and/or focus groups).
  • One-to-one coaching, including feedback and feed-forward.
  • Adult learning principles, experimental and action learning methods; reflective journaling; conducting strategic projects; residential programmes; cohort events; and programmes, and transformational learning.

Our methodology is very distinct from what can be learnt at a business school. It is not derived from current fads but rather, is based on a 25-year track record of what has assisted some of the top Fortune 500 companies to achieve extraordinary results. And while it is not academic in nature, we use a proven evidence-based practitioner model in our work.