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Managing People (FMI – Frontline Management Initiative)

aust_post1Although I have done these subjects before, Sebastian Salicru is by far the best facilitator I have experienced, and his way of explaining negotiation has made it very easy to learn and use.

Daren Clark

Australia Post

Sebastian was an excellent facilitator! A very good interactive 2 days.

Mal Richmond

Australia Post

A great two days training! I learnt that I could trust Sebastian objectively – he was sincere, competent and reliable.

Tina Favazzo

Australia Post

Sebastian is an excellent communicator and had no problem in keeping participants involved and interested.

Neil McNamara

Australia Post

Hi Sebastian,north_west_shelf_gas

I would like to thank you for an exceptional training session yesterday. I believe the techniques you have shared with us will be invaluable in all aspects of our lives. The feedback from the other attendees was very positive and has definitely paved a new way forward for our development both individually and as a team.

Mandy L. Sharples
Gas Contracts Operator

WA Police Academy

Leadership Training Program

  • Sebastian is an innovative and professional facilitator.
  • Thoroughly enjoyable and useful course. I will recommend it.
  • I have learnt a lot more about leadership.
  • Very interesting material – will be implementing some ideas into recruit training.

Leadership Training Course
Sworn and Unsworn Officers


FESA (Fire & Emergency Services Authority)fesa

Inspiring and Motivating Others – Participants’ feedback:

  • Excellent course. I have learnt many things.
  • Good flexible program.
  • Well run – very inspiring and motivating.
  • Well delivered, well-paced, good environment.

Senior Officers

Victim Support Servicesvictim-support

Since the start of the twice yearly Seminars four years ago, we have had probably forty outside facilitators present us with information and material. Sebastian has been rated by far the best by all of the people attending.

Don Zimmerman
Regional Counsellor
Victim Support Services

Dear Sebastian

I am writing to thank you most sincerely for contributing so positively and professionally to the first of our Leadership and Management Course for Palliative Care on 16 April 1999. The feedback from the group about your session was extremely positive. Very best wishes and thanks.

Ellen Nightingale
Hospice Director

To Whom It May Concernaboriginal_affairs_dept

Sebastian’s presentation style was very motivational and generated much discussion within the group. An evaluation conducted at the end of the workshop indicated that all participants thoroughly enjoyed the course and benefited from the issues presented and discussed. I would highly recommend this course to any organization interested in maximising the health and well being of their employees.

Natalie Boult
Manager, Human Resources

Ansett Australiaansett

(Managing Change, in-house program):

Excellent presentation!

Robyn Stewart
Airports Training Manager, WA

To Whom It May Concern

Mr Sebastian Salicru has provided a number of customised training programs for the Royal Perth Hospital. He is respected by staff for his expertise within his professional skills range… In all areas I have found his attention to detail and prompt handling of areas of concern make him one of the external consultants I would recommend to managers and staff at this hospital.

Arlene Quinn
Staff Development Bureau

Dear Sebastian,aust_customs_service

I am happy to provide the following comments in relation to the ‘Living and Working with Change’ program that you provided to our organization during 1997.

Staff who attended the training sessions reported that the training was well structured and delivered using interesting methods that maintained the trainee’s attention.

In an evaluation of the training our staff indicated that as a result of the training they would now “look at things from a different point of view and understand that others were working through a change process and endeavour to assist them”.

Peter Costantino
HR Manager (WA)

To Whom It May Concerncentral_tafe

Mr Sebastian Salicru facilitated a team development workshop with approximately 20 academic staff from the Centre for Education and Personal Services, Central Metropolitan College of TAFE, Mt Lawley Campus.

Mr Salicru guided the group through a series of experiential activities which enabled participants to:

  • Participate and agree upon team performance and objectives
  • Influence the behaviour of people within the team
  • Understand and deal appropriately with member behaviour
  • Communicate to obtain commitment to team goals
  • Create an action plan for changes in team performance

Mr Salicru showed himself to be an innovative and empathic facilitator who established and maintained a comfortable rapport with all participants.

An evaluation carried out at the conclusion of the workshop indicated Mr Salicru was regarded by all participants as a thoroughly professional and personable facilitator.

Ian Robertson
Education and Personal Services

Dear Sebastian,aust_electoral_commission

You will recall that is it nearly 12 moths since you were contracted to provide a ‘Managing Change’ session for our staff who were somewhat anxious as some major changes were expected in our organization structure. To that end your involvement was vital. The feedback I received was that the sessions had been excellent value even for a few who were initially doubtfull of the value of the sessions. Certainly from my own viewpoint I believe that the sessions were well worth while in reviewing my own perspective of the world.

Bill Elkins
Acting Australian Electoral Officer for WA



(Counselling Skills for Performance Management – in-house program)

I feel much better equipped to deal with a greater range of staff issues and with our performance management system.

Jeff Carlton

Assistant Director, Youth Statistics Unit

Excellent value for time invested. Highly relevant course material. Experienced and capable presenter.

Wavne Rikkers
Assistant Director

Dear Sebastiandfat1

I am writing to thank you for the extremely positive contribution you made towards the success of the Team Building and Development day which you organised and facilitated for the office last Saturday.

I also wanted to thank you for your patience and professional advice which you provided to me in planning and developing the concept over the last few months.

Greg Elton
Executive Officer
Passports Australia

SHIRE OF SWANshire_swan
(Conflict Resolution – in-house program)

An excellent and relevant course for my position within the Shire.

Peter Robinson,

Snr Payroll Clerk

Trainer was very good at relating the course content to everyday life situations. The course was presented with real feeling & knowledge of the subject matter.

C.A. Dimasi
Business Improvement Officer

Very informative and beneficial for my professional development.

Alan Hart
Accounting Officer

To Whom It May Concerngeoval

In September 1997, we engaged the services of Mr Sebastian Salicru to facilitate a one and a half day meeting of all GEOVAL employees. The objectives were to:

  • Address issues of organization and team dynamics.
  • Set in place a strategy for re-invigorating GEOVALS’ vision, mission and market positioning.

Mr Salicru proved to be an energetic, intelligent and motivational facilitator. His background in organisational psychology and his positive and sensitive approach to issues raised at this meeting were appreciated by all attendees. I would unreservedly recommend Mr Salicru in such a role.

John Vann
Manager, WA

To Whom It May Concerndept_employ_edu_train_youth

Sebastian Salicru was one of the key facilitators of a major training program called “Skills for the Future” run by this department between July and October 1997.

Sebastian was one of the three most successful facilitators on the program.

I found Sebastian to be very well versed in current management theory; to be very approachable; to be very flexible to be innovative and to be able to connect with his participants. I would therefore like to recommend Sebastian Salicru as a training consultant. In my experience of working with him, I found him to have what I consider to be the essential ingredients of a successful consultant – to follow a brief, to listen to his client, to deliver the goods and to bring the participants with him.

Martin Watkins
Senior Training Officer

Dear Sebastianactiv_foundation

Thank your for your letter and attached evaluation summary, the feedback was especially positive and this was also reflected in our own internal course evaluation.

All participants found value in both the content and delivery of the course. So again thank you for providing a quality course and a flexible delivery which proved to be very significant and useful to all who attended.

Christy Flanagan
Training Co-ordinator


(Advanced Interviewing & Counselling Skills – in-house program)

I found the training to be extremely helpful due to the flexibility of the trainer, who was motivating, informed and open.

Andrea Sowden
Case Manager
Job West

Training was focused, professional and certainly valuable to me personally. Environment was realistic and rapport was immediately established between the group and the facilitator.

Beverly Bennetts
Training & Development Officer

I found the training, in content and presentation, to be extremely professional, informative and relevant. My awareness and implementation of skills within the interview/counselling arena has been greatly enhanced.

Michael Wasiliev
Training & Development Officer

I found the notes, structure and trainer to be professional, friendly, informative and extremely knowledgeable.

Gayle Godfrey
Training & Development Officer

Eye opening. I have completed three Counselling Courses, plus many units in University but have gained so much fine tuning in this course that will consolidate my skills and enable me to work more effectively with my clients.

Kathy Beardsell
Senior Training & Development Officer

ERNST & YOUNGernst_young

(Interviewing Skills Training for Personnel Selection, in-house program)

A well-focused & relevant program of great value to me.

Tony Ackland
Human Resources Manager

(Counselling Skills for Performance Management – in-house program)

Excellent. Met our needs perfectly. Sebastian was a dynamic presenter and very attuned to our group. I will be recommending this workshop to others in the ATO.

Jon Petite
Advisor Individual Non-Business Line

A very interesting and relevant course that will enable me to deal far more effectively with staff. Exceptionally well presented.

Don Dixon

Excellent. Makes sense/practical – you can see it working.

Julie Cunningham
Team Leader

Very relevant course tailored for the issues we wanted to deal with.

Phil Black
Team Leader

(Dealing with Difficult Situations – in-house program)

Very beneficial – great practical examples via the role playing and subsequent analysis.

Greg Strong

The information presented was relevant to our request and very likely to be of benefit in our future work.

Roger Kleemann

Excellent introduction to dealing with difficult parents/adults. I feel however that I have only ‘scratched the surface’ – that a series of workshops are really essential to improve these skills and commit them to daily behaviour and practices.

Jenny Snell

I found the session very worthwhile. It was a forum where we could toss ideas easily but yet learn definite techniques for handling situations. Well done.

T.A. Platts

Dear SebastianOptus

Thank you very much for your excellent presentation to the Optus Emergency Coordinators in Perth last week.

The feedback from the course candidates was very positive; all agreed that the course was very interesting and worthwhile.

Colin Maslen
Manager, Business Recovery

Dear Sebastianbureau_of_meteorology

I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did in presenting the ‘Effective Supervision’ training workshops for the Bureau.

The feedback that I have received from the participants indicates that they were all impressed by the quality and content of your presentation.

Mike Hinchy
Personnel Manager

Team Building & Development

Royal Perth Hospitalroyal_perth_hospital

Excellent course very informal non-threatening environment. Learnt heaps.

Denise McGrath,
Registered Nurse

A very practical help which gives us all the options to apply principles & skills to resolve conflict. Within teams in the workplace.
Julia Ward,
Staff Nurse

Provided an excellent opportunity to talk about problems within our team and gave relevant and useful ways to deal with them.
Kirsty Wood,
Registered Nurse

I found the course excellent. It was very specific to our workplace and the trainer gave us ample opportunity to discuss our problems.
Liz Maher,
Registered Nurse