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What kind of leaders will the world need over the next thirty-five years?

This coming book is a Must-Read volume in the International Leadership Association, Building Leadership Bridges Series

Emerald Group Publishing, August 2015. Editor: Dr. Matthew Sowcik. Associate Editors: Anthony C. Andenoro, Mindy McNutt, and Susan Elaine Murphy

Ron Heifetz, Founding Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School – the co-creator of the ‘Adaptive Leadership’ framework, and author of the classics The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing your Organization and the World (2009) and Leadership Without Easy Answers (1994), has written the Foreword for this book.

The book addresses three fundamental questions:

  1. What kind of leaders will the world need over the next thirty-five years?
  2. How will our knowledge of leadership, leadership development, and leadership education change?
  3. What issues, drivers and contexts will most likely influence leaders and followers over the next thirty-five years?

“This book points ahead to the work to be done in every realm of our lives throughout the globalizing world: families working to survive and thrive in challenging conditions, businesses in complex environments tackling tough trade-offs squaring values of profitability, long-term sustainability and social justice; and public organizations, non-profits, and social entrepreneurs working to build collaborative capacity across boundaries to transform cultures of dependency into communities of engaged citizenship and distributed leadership.” 

Ron Heifetz, Founding Director, Center for Public Leadership Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

“The authors of this edited volume go where others fear to tread. They are to be commended first for recognizing that leadership and followership change over time and second for using their expertise to project what leadership and followership might look like decades from now. Though as the editor himself admits, ‘prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,’ this book is a worthy look into an admittedly cloudy crystal ball.” 

Barbara Kellerman, James MacGregor Burns Lecturer in Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School

This book will be launched by Emerald at the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management – August 7-11, 2015 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The book contains 15 chapters from various authors from the USA, Canada, UK, Colombia and Australia.

As the author of Chapter 10 The Global Leadership Psychological Contract Model – Actionable to Shape the Future to 2050’ (and the only Australian contributor), I highly recommend this book to you.

The Global Leadership Psychological Contract (GLPC) offers a holistic, relational and global model of future leadership that aims at balancing the power and diverse interests between leaders and their constituents, followers or stakeholders within the context of the impending techno-socio-economic revolution.

The GLPC enables leaders to unleash constituents’ highest levels of connectedness, creativity, innovation, grit, decisiveness and bold collective action. In doing so, this model promotes greater leader accountability, transparency and integrity; leader-follower emotional connection and satisfaction; collective relentless effort, creative thinking and innovative workplace behaviour.

You can read a description of the book by visiting this link: Book description

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