Taking leaders and their

teams to new levels

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Executive Coaching for Career Transitions

Senior Executives

Do you aspire to take your career to new heights?

Our approach integrates career transition and development, personal empowerment, leadership development, and personal branding.

Middle Level Managers

We also assist emerging and high-potential leaders. Unleash your leadership potential and fast-track your career.

Whether or not you are in a formal leadership role, to succeed in the increasingly demanding global market, you need to express who you are, and what you have to offer to the world - Clearly, Confidently and Consistently.

Leadership Coaching and Leader Development

C-Suite Coaching – CEO, CFO, COO, Directors, Board

We assist senior and established executives/leaders to deal with intractable challenges, drive learning agility and innovation, and deliver unprecedented business results.

We accelerate the development of the people who are most critical to the success of your business, including your emerging and high-potential or aspiring leaders.

Leadership Coach Skills Training

We also provide coaching skills training for leaders, so that in turn they can also become great coaches.

Team Coaching and Facilitation

We train and coach team leaders how to generate teaming, teamwork, and develop high-performing teams.

Employee Self-Engagement

We assist your organization to boost its current level of employee engagement by using a unique developmental model based on the following three principles:

  • Self-leadership
  • Positive psychology
  • Strength-based approaches

This value model links individuals' levels of self-engagement and performance with the corresponding returns on their salaries.

About Sebastian

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Program Impact Evaluation

Measuring the Success of Your Leadership Development

Return on Investment

Only 11% of organizations evaluate the performance impact of their leadership development programs (LDPs) at organizational level. Only 3% assess return on investment (ROI), or return on expectations (ROE).

Using either an ROI or ROE approach, we can assist you to identify, measure, assess, document, and report the impact of your LDPs at various organizational levels.

Return on Investment

We can also assist you to write and publish case studies.


Make your next corporate conference, retreat, business luncheon or breakfast a memorable event

Sebastian Salicru speaking

Sebastian is a provocative and inspiring keynote speaker. He regularly presents at national and international conferences and at industry events, introducing the latest advancements in leadership and leadership development.

A passionate presenter, Sebastian is known for delivering compelling and challenging presentations that assist audiences to gain new perspectives, and generate new ideas and insights that enable them to take actionable steps to achieve results. He can design and deliver customized keynote presentations.

Sebastian Salicru speaking

Email lisa@pts.net.au to discuss having Sebastian speak at your next event and start maximizing your organization’s potential.

Publications and Insights

Leadership RESULTS

By reading this book you will learn how to: Develop yourself as adaptive and authentic leader; Boost employee engagement across your team and organisation; Build your organisation’s-wide leadership capability to deliver extraordinary performance and real business results

Messing with corporate heads? Psychological contracts and leadership integrity.

Messing with corporate heads?
Psychological contracts and leadership integrity.
Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 35 Iss: 3, pp.38 – 46

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