Case Studies A New Set of Corporate Values, Strategic Direction and Innovation Capability Delivered – Case 2


A state government department employing around 700 people, turning over in excess of $1 billion per annum.  The Business Unit conducted in excess of 8 million transactions per year, covering 220 different types of issues.


The new appointed CEO wanted to establish a values-based culture that promoted individual initiative, proactivity and quicker decision-making; enhanced accountability at all organisational levels; fostered more innovation; and delivered excellence in customer service.


To develop a new set of corporate values and facilitate a strategic planning process for the next five years, involving the executive team and a balanced cross-section of the workforce. This was accomplished by using a series of creatively facilitated, high involvement and high impact workshops.


  • Elicited a new set of values and behaviours to guide everyone in the organisation.
  • Identified and documented six key strategic areas of focus in moving forward.
  • Identified the principles, policies, systems, processes and practices to effectively foster creativity and drive innovation.
  • Established clear guidelines for employees to be able to think creatively and actively elicit, capture, develop, support, champion and implement new ideas.
  • Provided clarity of expectations, purpose and direction for all employees.
  • Set clear milestones for the journey ahead.
  • The organisation became the annual AHRI (Australia Human Resources Institute) Innovation Award winner.