Case Studies Global Leadership Capability Delivered – Case 1


A global leader in the complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets, with net sales of EUR 4.7 billion, employing approximately 18,000 people, operating in 200 locations in 70 countries.


Having grown dramatically over the last decade, predominantly through acquisitions around the world, this company faced major challenges in integrating a uniform culture worldwide.

This included: developing a common understanding of the group’s vision, values, strategy and way of working; and the leadership capability to influence the decisions, actions and results required to promote collaboration across their main operations and service areas.


To establish a large pipeline of leaders with global business acumen, nous and intercultural competence, capable of working from any location around the world, by implementing a unique Global Leadership Development Program comprising:

  • An online 360 degree competency assessment and personality profile, including one-to-one feedback sessions per participant.
  • Creation of individual development actions plans for each participant.
  • Delivery of a one week residential and highly experiential program based on leadership development best practice, integrating: adult learning principles; action learning methods; peer coaching; strategic team assignment presentations based on current real time challenges faced by the organisation; and completion of selected online modules and participant’s one-to-one discussions with their superiors, as post-program follow-up.

This program was delivered over a four-year period in North America, Northern and Southern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including countries such as: Finland; Norway; Netherlands; Italy; USA; Dubai; Singapore and China – (Shanghai).


  • Increased productivity and captured growth opportunities within the organisation’s end markets while maintaining solid profitability.
  • Identified capability gaps and developed personal development action plans.
  • Transitioned hundreds of technical experts or individual contributors (functional managers with new P&L responsibilities) to leaders of people and teams by building their strategic thinking and new leadership perspective.

Delivered the leadership capability required to strengthen collaboration across the company, delivering high performance, entrepreneurship, quick decision making, accountability and business agility.