Case Studies Greater Accountability and a Culture of High Performance Delivered – Case 3


A multiple Premiership winner Australian Football League (AFL) Club in Victoria (Australia).


The Club wanted to improve organisational effectiveness at the team and individual levels, with particular emphasis on the football department and playing group, and increase cross-functional collaboration across the organisation.


Following extensive consultation with the CEO, the General Manager People & Culture and the Manager Football Operations, a range of integrated organisational development strategies (related to people, culture and performance) were designed and implemented to support the vision, goals and objectives of Club’s Corporate Plan.


  • Significantly elevated the level of effectiveness and performance of the player leadership group (PLG).
  • Improved individual members’ level of accountability, personal leadership and team membership of the Middle Playing Group (MPG).
  • Reinvigorated the mentorship program of the Academy Group, with a view to generate an uninterrupted pipeline of extraordinary players that will ensure the sustainability of a high performing playing group.
  • Enhanced the levels of collaboration, unity and integration between the Playing Group, Academy, Coaching Group, Training Services/Sports Sciences, Player Development and Recruiting.