Case Studies High Performance Delivered – Case 1


An $8 billion Project Alliance between the Defence Material Organisation (DMO)/Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) and Raytheon Australia.


The first challenge was to build four warfare destroyers for Australia’s specific defence needs and significant increase in Australia’s defence capabilities on time and on budget, without compromising quality and safety. The second challenge was to do so with a new project team composed of members from very different organisational cultures that had to work collaboratively using a new business model to achieve unprecedented results.


To design and deliver an engagement that integrated the following three key elements:

1. Senior Leadership Alignment and Development

Aimed to forge the leadership, alignment and drive required to build and lead the Alliance for long-term success. This was the key foundation of this engagement.

2. Organisational Development: Leadership Capability/Culture Development

Designed to build the leadership capabilities, behaviours and work practices throughout the various Alliance teams to build and sustain the required high performance culture.

3. Delivering High Performance Results

Focused on ongoing support and coaching for the various teams to continually strive to deliver extraordinary performance, while resolving the inevitable problems and setbacks associated with such a large and highly complex project.


  • Aligned, integrated and built the nominated elite teams of each participant partner organisation into a united single high performing project team.
  • Aligned and built the senior leadership team and other teams across the alliance.
  • The Alliance project established effective processes, operating conditions, targets and behaviours.

The Alliance project team delivered the expected high performance.