Case Studies Innovation Capability Delivered – Case 3


A state government trading enterprise, employing around 250 people, that strategically manages the state’s biggest general cargo port and Australia’s fourth largest container port, recognised in the Australian Business Excellence Awards for high-level performance in business process and strategy.


To operate on commercial principles while ensuring the needs of importers and exporters, now and in the future, can be met in a sustainable way with the support of customers and the community. To maintain these commitments, the CEO was actively seeking methodologies and opportunities to improve their innovative capability.


To design and deliver the following three key strategies:

  1. Conduct a series of discovery sessions with the senior management team.
  2. Conduct a climate survey to identify the key enablers and barriers to innovation of the organisation’s work environment.
  3. Design and implement a facilitation training program (based on Creative Problem Solving (CPS) methodology), aimed at providing a selected group of employees with the knowledge and skills to be able act as effective internal change agents within the organisations, in order to introduce and sustain a culture of creative thinking and innovation.


  • Provided a sound and standardised methodology to be used across the organisation, allowing people to work in a systematic manner.
  • Identified and prioritised a range of critical issues to be addressed in collaboration between various teams within the organisation.
  • Transferred the intellectual property to identify the various thinking styles, in order to allow the effective composition and balance of team members when working together cross-functionally.
  • Embedded a new ideas management system to encourage, elicit, capture, evaluate, select, develop and implement promising ideas.
  • Encouraged employees’ commitment to action.
  • Provided return on investment (ROI) and created the opportunities for further learning and adding value to an already progressive and innovative organisation.