Case Studies Intercultural Competence Delivered – Case 2


A federal government agency employing more than 9,500 staff, including about 1,000 locally engaged staff based at Australian diplomatic missions overseas, that manages visas, immigration control, citizenship, ethnic affairs, and customs and border control.


This organisation strives to make fair and reasonable decisions for people entering or leaving the country, ensuring compliance with Australia’s immigration laws and integrity in decision-making. To this end, all employees are required to have sharp awareness of cultural differences and sensitivity.


To design and deliver an ongoing intercultural awareness training program for key employees across the organisation.



  • Enhanced participants’ self-awareness and awareness of their own cultural rules.
  • Increased intercultural awareness and competence.
  • Demystified cultural behaviours.
  • Developed appreciation for the value of diversity.
  • Prevented risks arising when communicating with individuals from different cultures.
  • Minimised likely communication barriers.
  • Improved communication skills by avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Afforded strategies to maximise effectiveness.
  • Increased participants’ self-confidence and ability to build trust with their customers.