Case Studies Newly Promoted Manager Transition Coaching Assignment – Case 3


A newly promoted manager in a large professional firm.


This manager was promoted due to his in-depth company knowledge and technical expertise – up until now, he had been an individual contributor. But now he was responsible for a small team of six, as well as profit and loss (PNL) responsibilities. Three months following his promotion he was not meeting his expected financial targets or non-financial indicators.


To design and undertake a six month coaching assignment combined with specific training in finance.


  • The manager began to thinking more strategically.
  • Developed and committed to a comprehensive professional development action plan.
  • Identified specific and measurable short, mid and long-term goals.
  • Learnt how to prioritise and delegate.
  • Learnt how to build his team.
  • Learnt how to conduct effective performance reviews.
  • Secured a string of quick wins within the initial three months.
  • After six months, he met his non-financial indicators and his team met their financial targets.
  • Eventually, he established the reputation of a great team leader within the firm.