Case Studies Personal Branding & Career Development – Case 1


A successful executive who was made redundant in his mid-fifties at the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis (GCF), after a successful 20-year career in a major engineering company.


To his surprise, he struggled to secure a new position during the next two years. He reached a crisis point, with a dramatic loss of self-esteem, morale, confidence and a significant expenditure of savings.


To design and complete a customised and comprehensive personal branding program over six months.


The executive:

  • Quickly learned that the approaches he had been using to secure new work were outdated and ineffective.
  • Also learned that he was perceived as unpractised and unpolished when attending job interviews, as well as desperate for work.
  • Realised that he had been relying on a traditional and fixed mindset that had worked for him in the past but was no longer effective.
  • Learned how to tap into the 75% of positions that make up the ‘hidden’ or unadvertised job market.
  • Redefined his professional identity and changed his way of thinking and behaving.
  • Within eight weeks he had secured a lucrative contract with a prominent engineering firm.
  • Eight months later, on completion of his contract, he decided to establish his own consulting engineering firm. Today, he enjoys levels of independence, job satisfaction and income that he had never dreamed of.