Case Studies Personal Branding & Career Development – Case 2


A middle level female manager with a government department.


Four weeks after returning to her job from maternity leave, she realised that she no longer felt satisfied by her career, nor was she being intellectually stimulated or challenged, or experiencing a sense of personal or professional development.  Suddenly, she knew that after seven years in the public sector she now wanted to leave, but wasn’t able to take the right steps to do so. Not surprisingly, she felt increasingly frustrated and demoralised. She had heard vaguely about personal branding through reading and talking to professional acquaintances.


To design and complete a customised and comprehensive personal branding program over six months.


She learned three critical things:

  • To differentiate between her technical skills – the skills specific to her job – and her transferable skills – the skills she acquired during her government career and life experience that were now highly valued by other potential employers.
  • Her signature strengths – those character strengths that were most essential to who she was.
  • How to integrate and communicate the previous two into a compelling and attractive personal unique value proposition (UVP).Today she is a highly respected senior consultant in a prestigious consulting firm that provides services to the government.