Case Studies Values and Behaviours Integration Strategy Following a Merger – Case 1


One of the world’s leading suppliers of iron ore – a significant Western Australian resource company with exports of over 40 million tonnes of iron ore a year to the highly competitive global steel industry. This company was highly committed to being a safe, productive, innovative and responsible member of the community.


To prevent the risk of cultural differences leading to lack of synergies, loss of key people and lack of value creation, following the company’s takeover by the Rio Tinto Group (it is well documented that approximately 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve expectations and more than 50% destroy value).


To design, deliver and pilot a post-merger ‘Values and Behaviours’ integration strategy and implement a Train-the-Trainer program for an internal selected team responsible for the roll-out to the entire workforce.


  • Identified and prioritised actions to inform, influence and accelerate the integration effort.
  • Ensured corporate alignment on aspirational cultural attributes.
  • Determined and communicated the desired expectations, new culture of the new organisation and the associated behaviours that would lead to success.
  • Mitigated the risk associated with the merger.
  • Generated significant savings.